Our mission is to make homes, schools and work places safer in Delray Beach Florida. We identify and classify multiple public health hazards relating to biological toxins. Our trained, professional technicians work to remove the identified risk factors (toxic molds, fungi) associated with negatively affecting human health.

Invest in our Five Phase Mold Remediation Service.

Phase I

Mold Detection and Discovery

ATP finds the mold. Our specialized on-site services include both environmental sampling and visual inspections. Trained experts perform a “building physical: which includes a comprehensive on-site biological collection protocol. Our complete sampling method is used to locate and identify the presence of mold and fungi.

Phase II

Pre-Testing Third Party Verification

ATP determines whether the mold is toxic. A certified independent laboratory
analyzes the test cultures to identify the mold species as well as the total colony forming units (CFU). If Biological risks are identified, ATP prepares a comprehensive report to explain the specific biological risks and develops a customized treatment plan. This report is then reviewed with our clients in the strictest of confidence.

Phase III

Mold Treatment

ATP applies the TM-100 Formula. Professionally trained technicians apply the
TM-100 technology by utilizing our proprietary atomization process, which allows TM100 to be surface applied and injected behind walls or into air vents to treat hidden toxic molds. All work is performed at the convenience of our clients, including off hours, evenings, and weekends.

Phase IV

Post-Testing Third Party Verification

ATP provides provides certified results. Within 72 hours after a treatment plan has been completed, ATP repeats the above mentioned comprehensive on-site biological collection protocol and a certified independent laboratory analyzes the test cultures. Data from the Pre-Testing and Post-Testing results are analyzed and a comprehensive report is prepared and made available to the client on a confidential basis, thus providing a scientifically based assurance that the indoor air quality (IAQ) is safe.

Phase V

Mold Prevention

ATP offers mold prevention and maintenance plans tailored to our clients specific
needs to prevent further outbreaks of biological toxins.